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Are you a Brisbane business owner? Add your business to the free Brisbane app to reach more customers.

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Want to be discovered by new customers? It’s time to list your business on the Brisbane app!

Claim or create your business listing

If your business is already listed in the app, claim your business by scrolling to the bottom of your listing. You’ll need your ABN and business name to make your claim.

To create a new business listing, select ‘create your own place’ and follow the prompts.

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Example business listing screen in the Brisbane App

Why list your business on the Brisbane app?

  • Promote your business to thousands of local app users for free.
  • Promote your events to a broad audience.
  • It’s free – there are no sign-up costs or ongoing fees.
  • It’s quick and easy to create a Brisbane app account.
  • It’s simple to claim or list your business and manage your listing from the app interface or sign in here.
  • You can reach more potential customers.
  • Your business may be featured in curated guides created by app users.
  • It allows you to promote your events to a large audience.
  • Once you’ve claimed or listed a business, you control what is displayed for your business, including images.

Preview of the Brisbane App instore window decal

Download an instore window decal to encourage customers to like your business on the Brisbane app.

When a user likes your business on the Brisbane app, it allows you to send out unique push notifications to promote special deals.

Download instore window decal