For locals

Use the Brisbane app to discover events, places and businesses in Brisbane and to create and share guides showcasing our city.

Banner image showing residents enjoying a picnic lunch beside the Brisbane River.
Example place detail screen in the Brisbane App

Find places to eat, drink, play and stay in Brisbane, including hidden gems.

  • Browse places in a map or list view and display results alphabetically, by popularity, or distance from your current location.
  • Browse or filter results by category (e.g. cafes/restaurants).
  • Explore places in prominent Brisbane precincts.
  • View hand-picked lists to find a new must-do location.
  • Search by place names.
  • Help others find your favourite places by using the ‘like’ feature.

Example guide detail screen in the Brisbane App

The Brisbane app is your one-stop guide to experiencing the best of Brisbane. Explore guides created by others to find new things to do.

  • Create your own guide to share your favourite Brisbane places and spaces. Browse guides created by others showcasing the best of Brisbane.
  • Browse guides by category – general, walking, riding or driving.
  • Share your favourite guides with family and friends.
  • Follow top creators to discover more to see and do.

Example event detail screen in the Brisbane App

Be in the know and browse events to find out what’s on in Brisbane.

  • Explore featured events for must-do event inspiration.
  • Browse the event calendar by date, popularity or distance from your current location.
  • Find things happening in your local community.
  • Explore curated event collections.
  • Create your own Brisbane app event to connect with a wider audience.